National Taco Day 2018

It’s National Taco Day yesterday. I was busying out there eating $1 taco and forgot to post on the blog. Taco, loved by millions, yet do you know much about this mysterious food? The origins of the taco are actually unknown. According to Professor Jeffery M. Pilcher, who has been travelling around the world eating […]

New iPhone is Here!

Apple just released 3 new iPhones: iPhone XS, XS Max and the XR. These new iPhones officially replace the iPhone X, which Apple pulled from its store after the announcement.  The iPhone XR starts at $799 for the lowest storage capacity followed by the iPhone XS which starts at $999, with the “Plus” version, iPhone […]

Woodworking is getting popular!

Is woodworking getting popular again?   I remember last year there was this “woodworking” hype that came around the Christmas time. During that time, everyone is talking about DIY wood furniture or home renovation, especially those transformable furniture (Yes, it is still trending.)   I was trying to find the exact time when woodworking went […]


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