National Taco Day 2018

It’s National Taco Day yesterday. I was busying out there eating $1 taco and forgot to post on the blog.

Taco, loved by millions, yet do you know much about this mysterious food? The origins of the taco are actually unknown. According to Professor Jeffery M. Pilcher, who has been travelling around the world eating tacos for the past 20 years, that his theory suggested tacos is from the 18th century at the silver mines in Mexico. The word “taco” referred to the little charges they wrap around gunpowder and uses in mines. The first reference of taco in history archives are from the end of 19th century and was described as tacos de minero – miner’s tacos.

Now you know a bit more about this amazing food, why not check out some of the tacos that were offered in the Nation Taco Day 2018!

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