Woodworking is getting popular!

Is woodworking getting popular again?


I remember last year there was this “woodworking” hype that came around the Christmas time. During that time, everyone is talking about DIY wood furniture or home renovation, especially those transformable furniture (Yes, it is still trending.)


I was trying to find the exact time when woodworking went viral last year, but during my research, I found something really cool and I decided to share it in this blog.


Are you ready?


Image from Google Trend


Didn’t expect that did you? Apparently woodworking trends every year when it is close to Christmas and slowly dies down after the new year, and it has been like this for at least 5 years (The search data indicates “past 5 years”). I am not too sure why there is this unique pattern of woodworking trends, maybe it is because of the holiday where people has time to spend on their hobby.


But then again, woodworking is fun and attracting. Wood is a popular crafting material not only it is aesthetically appealing, but the hardness of different type of wood allows you to create a variety of stuff from sculpture, decorations to houses. If you google “wood”, “woodcraft” and “woodwork”, you can see that there is a lot of websites, blogs and tutorials about it. For example, Jingko x Maple is a blog literally about wood; they have some interest posts on wood-related stuff.


And those transformer-like furnitures? Totally awesome!


Multi-purpose is very practical as it suits our rapid-changing lifestyle, and not to mention how much space it will save. Here are some of the furniture I’m talking about.



For the non-crafter like me, we can only spend some big bucks if you want one of these at your backyard. But if you knew woodwork or at least interest in woodworking, check out this woodworking tutorial Beginner woodworking projects without power tools from Jingko x Maple as they provide free woodworking plans.


Hope you enjoy this post!



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